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Important Changes to Open Data Service CCTV Camera Feeds

From Monday 08/02/16 there will be disruption to the Open Data Service, particularly our CCTV camera feeds.

Due to service maintenance and upgrade work, CCTV Camera assets will be unavailable on the Open Data Service. CCTV camera asset ID’s starting BBC and BBHS will be renamed under a new convention to allow for future expansion. Please find a list of the cameras & changes that will be made here.

CCTV static, dynamic & images feeds on the Open Data Service will experience disruption from Monday 08/02/16 at 07:00 until Wednesday 10/02/16. Subscribers must make changes to their services to continue to receive the correct & updated CCTV cameras. Full information on the feeds can be found again on the API document here.

During this time images will also be unavailable on & Images of any traffic events will continue to be posted during on Twitter & Facebook pages.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

North East Combined Authority Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC)

Data Movement – Open Data Competition – Stage 2

Sunderland Software City in collaboration with the NECA Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) launched a competition to design and build a new travel app in December 2015. Over 50 applications have been submitted that use Open Data published by the UTMC in their design.

Voting has now opened to find the top 3 ideas who will each receive £5000 to develop their idea into an app. The final apps will then be released onto Apple, Google or Windows Stores. The app which receives the greatest number of downloads within the first 4 weeks will win an additional £2000.

Please visit First stage of voting closes 12/02/16.

Data Movement – NECA & Sunderland Software City App Competition

Sunderland Software City, in collaboration with the NECA Urban Traffic Management & Control, have launched a competition to design and build a new travel app for use by the public.

The app must use the data published by NECA Urban Traffic Management & Control in their design. This data can include CCTV camera images, environmental, traffic & congestion, car park and incident information.

The competition can be undertake by anyone, individuals or groups. Multiple ideas can be submitted by the same group/individual. Submission deadline for applicants is 31st December 2015 with all submitted ideas available to the public to vote on from January 2016.

The top 3 ideas will receive £5000 to develop the app into a functional, practical app. A variety of North-East based tech and mobile software development companies will be available to aid in the development of the app. Business contacts will be made available to support applicants and aid in the commercialisation of the app. NECA Urban Traffic Management & Control will be on hand to help explain further any questions relating to our the data sources.

The winner of the competition will be selected primarily based on the popularity of the app, and will receive an extra £2000.

Applicants can find out more about the competition and apply at