The CCTV data feed provides details on UTMC CCTV camera naming, locations & still images. CCTV data is split across 3 feeds and presented as JSON and JPEG.

CCTV Static

The static CCTV data provides information on all CCTV configured on the UTMC system for public viewing. The data for static feed includes:

Example of an asset from CCTV Static

CCTV Dynamic

The dynamic CCTV data provides live information on all CCTV configured on the UTMC system for public viewing. The data for dynamic feed includes:

  • systemCodeNumber – Unique CCTV ID
  • dynamics:
    • image – The URL to the JPEG
    • lastUpdated – Date & Time (ISO 8601) definition was updated, normally every 60-300 seconds.

Example of an asset from CCTV Dynamic

CCTV Images

The CCTV images data provides the latest JPEG of each CCTV asset as described in the dynamic feed.

Example of an asset from Car Park Images

Further Information

The frequency that the CCTV Images are refreshed is dependant on the ownership of the camera concerned. Each image contains a superimposed time-stamp.

UTMC Cameras

  • systemCodeNumber starts with:
    • GH (Gateshead)
    • MC (Metrocentre)
    • NB (Northumberland)
    • NC (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
    • NT (North Tyneside)
    • PS (Public Safety joint use)
    • SL (Sunderland)
    • ST (South Tyneside)
  • JPEG image at 640×480 pixels or 1280×720 pixels
  • Updated every 60-300 seconds approximately
  • Example: SL_A1018E1


Tyne Tunnel Cameras

  • systemCodeNumber starts with TT2
  • JPEG image at 352×288 pixels
  • Updated every 60 seconds approximately
  • Example: TT2North1


Vaisala Cameras

  • systemCodeNumber starts with METCCTV or VAISALACCTV
  • JPEG image at 640×480 pixels
  • Updated every 900-1800 seconds approximately
  • Examples: METCCTV00002VAISALACCTV12


Image Content

UTMC cameras are set up with several default positions which tour/move to each position every 60-300 seconds depending on the camera’s strategic importance.  On each position move in the tour, the camera sends back a JPEG image which is then published on the feed. The aspect shown is likely to differ from each returned JPEG to give a different perspective at the location.

If the camera has a pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) facility and is under the control of an operator, the JPEG will not be returned. UTMC/Public Safety joint usage cameras stop returning JPEG’s Monday-Friday 23:00-06:30, Saturday & Sunday 23:00-07:00.

Tyne Tunnel & Vaisala cameras are fixed and will always send JPEG’s unless offline.

All cameras are used for traffic management purposes only. In-keeping with best practice nationally, and guidance from the Information Commissioner, no images are recorded and all files are overwritten.

Full information on the content of these feeds can be found in the API document located here.



You can view the following examples which use these feeds in some form. If you would like us to consider your application or service to be featured on this page please comment below.

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