The latest version of the Open Data Service API documentation can be downloaded here.

More information on the content of the data feeds can be found here.

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  1. Automatica

    I can only subscribe to a maximum of 10 services , the remainder of requests return 400 bad request. is this a limit and if so can it be changed.

    The times appear to be UTC +2 in some cases, for example Car Parks. Why?

    1. admin Post author

      Each user is limited to a maximum of 10 subscriptions.
      However each individual subscription can subscribe to multiple data sets.
      Please see section 4.2 of the API documentation for an example of how this is achieved.

      1. Automatica

        I understand section 4.2, but I am routeing each registered URI to a separate Controller for each data source ,using Visual Studio 2013 Web API 2. Each Controller binds to a class representing the JSON, for the particular data source and I have all 16 data sources working. So I need to have a one to one relationship between my URIs and the data sources. Hence I need to have subscriptions to equal the number of data sources. If this is not possible is it ok to register a second user to overcome the problem.

        1. admin Post author

          The number of subscriptions per user will be increased to match the number of data feeds. This will allow a single user to subscribe separately to all available data feeds.

          This will be deployed alongside the time zone fix.

  2. Automatica

    Is there a problem with the carpark and Journey time feeds my last was 2 September ~1900h , Newcastle via Trevor Arkless advised that they have no problems.

      1. Automatica

        I found a problem on the 2 September Dynamic Journey was refused to subscribe. On further checking I found that I had multiple subscribes to the same feed, hence I suspect the limit on subscribes had been reached (28), thus I was not able to subscribe to all the feeds. I have cleared the subscribes and re-subscribed and I have carparks and Journey times back.

        I am not sure how I achieved multiple subscribes. as I only re-subscribe if the feed is not subscribed.

  3. mark@m12n.co.uk

    How do we get the higher resolution images from the CCTV feed?
    Is there a way to retrieve the data more frequently than every 30 seconds?

  4. marimark


    I am a student and I am doing my dissertation at the University of Newcastle.
    I was wondering if there are available data for traffic flow.
    More specific I am interested in acquiring data showing how many vehicles per hour use certain streets.
    Is this kind of information available, as I could only find ‘journey time’ data?

    Thank you in advance.

  5. NewcNWLre


    I am a research engineer at Newcastle University working on a digital twin project with Northumbrian Water. I am interested in finding out if it would be possible, through an API, to incorporate CCTV camera locations as point features and dynamic CCTV feeds from those cameras into a GIS type application that incorporates real-time data describing water utility network performance. Basically, if the water utility systems indicated that a water main may have burst or a flooding incident may have occurred, it could be very useful to be able to scan CCTV in the area in order to be able to help determine the location and impact of the event and enable rapid response. If anyone could assist my email address is t.pearman2@newcastle.ac.uk



  6. richard.ockerby@drummondcentral.co.uk


    We’re looking to use the API to lookup live car parking occupancy and trying to weigh up calling the service on-demand VS setting up a subscription. I can see the data is updated every 60 seconds via the direct call (reference https://www.netraveldata.co.uk/?page_id=32) but can’t see anything that mentions the time for a subscription to update.

    How often will the subscription send updated information for the dynamic car parks? On the other side; are there any call limitations (rate or otherwise) that might stop us calling the service on-demand?

    Thank you,

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