Car Park

The Car Park data feeds provide details on Car Parks, such as location, configuration and dynamic occupancy updates. Car Park data is split across 2 feeds and presented as JSON.

Car Park Static

The static car park data provides information on all public car parks regardless of whether or not real time occupancy data is available.  The data for static feed includes:

Example of an asset from Car Park Static

 Car Park Dynamic

The Car Park Dynamic Data contains occupancy (where known) and the state of the car park.

  • systemCodeNumber – Unique Car Park ID
  • dynamics:
    • occupancy – Spaces occupied
    • stateDescription – Displays either SPACES, ALMOST FULL, FULLOPEN, CLOSED, UNKNOWN or FAULTY
    • lastUpdated – Date & Time (ISO 8601) definition was updated, normally every 60 seconds.

Example of an asset from Car Park Dynamic

Further Information

Currently we are only able to provide reliable occupancy information for major car parks in Newcastle along with Park & Ride sites across Tyne & Wear.  A new system to be deployed in Gateshead is due in Spring/Summer 2018. List of assets with live data are below:

  • CP0021 – Dean Street Multi
  • CP0049 – Eldon Garden Multi
  • CP0050 – Eldon Square Multi
  • PR003 – Bank Foot Metro
  • PR004 – East Boldon Metro
  • PR005 – Fellgate Metro
  • PR001 – Four Lane Ends Interchange
  • PR007 – Kingston Park Metro
  • PR009 – Regent Centre Interchange
  • PR010 – Stadium of Light Metro
  • PR012 – Northumberland Park Metro
  • VMSLCP002 – Heworth Interchange (Long Stay)
  • VMSLCP003 – Heworth Interchange (Short Stay)

Full information on the content of these feeds can be found in the API document located here.


You can view the following examples which use these feeds in some form. If you would like us to consider your application or service to be featured on this page please comment below.

The Parking FairyiOS / Android

The Parking Fairy (iOS)

12 thoughts on “Car Park

  1. Drew Watson

    Hi, I am a developer looking to leverage your open initiative, I am however confused as to how to request access to these services? Could you point me to a link to register or to request an api key?

    1. Andrew Proctor

      Hi Drew.

      You have an account set-up which are the credentials you use to log-in & access the API from your application server you plan to use. The API info & how to access the data is documented in the file we have uploaded here.



    how often is the carpark occupancy, in the dynamic json updated?
    It seems that the only update is the stateDescription, keeping the occupancy at 0, anf it happens at 7 and 8am.

    Am I doing anything wrong?

    1. Andrew Proctor


      At the moment the car parks will not report live occupancy data as the previous system that recorded this has now reached the end of it’s design life.

      We’re currently trialling a replacement system based which will be rolled out to a number of key car park locations. Once this is ready we will post an update.

        1. Andrew Proctor


          We’ve now gone live with our new ANPR based Car Parking Guidance system. Our open data feeds & website have now been updated with the following live car parks:

          > Dean Street Multi, Newcastle
          > Eldon Garden Multi, Newcastle
          > Eldon Square Multi, Newcastle

          We’re currently working on obtaining funding to enable more car parks to be added to the new system across Tyne & Wear.

          Many Thanks,

          Andrew Proctor
          Engineer – Grade 2

          NECA Tyne & Wear UTMC

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