The SCOOT data feed provides details on SCOOT links, such as location, configuration and dynamic updates. The SCOOT data is split across 2 feeds.

SCOOT monitors traffic flow in real-time to optimise traffic signal operation and adjusts signal timings to match prevailing conditions.

The SCOOT algorithm continuously adapts three key traffic control parameters in the SCOOT controlled area – the amount of green for each approach (Split), the time between adjacent signals (Offset) and the time allowed for all approaches to a signalled intersection (Cycle time)
to minimise wasted green time at intersections and reduce stops and delays through the synchronisation of adjacent traffic signal installations.

For more details on how SCOOT works please visit

SCOOT Static

The static SCOOT data provides information on all Traffic Signal Nodes configured on the UTMC system. The data for static feed includes:

  • The System Code Number or unique ID or the Node Link
  • A Short Description – Short Name
  • A Long Description – Full Name
  • Geo-reference of the link wwith Start & End Points in Easting/Northing & Latitude/Longitude
  • Last Updated information of the Node Link on the UTMC system

Example of an asset from SCOOT Static

Example of the physical location of the above SCOOT Node

SCOOT Dynamic

The dynamic SCOOT data provides live information on all SCOOT Nodes configured on the UTMC system. The data for dynamic feed includes:

  • The System Code Number or unique ID.
  • The Congestion Percentage on link. Explanation of how this is calculated please find here.
  • Current Flow in Passenger Car Units (PCUs). Explanation of how this is calculated please find here.
  • Average Speed in kph. This defaults to 50kph in free flow conditions.
  • Link Status – 0 = Normal, 1 = Suspect.
  • Link Travel Time in seconds.

Example of an asset from SCOOT Dynamic

Further Information

We currently only have live SCOOT data for the following regions:

For information regarding the node links please view the PDF here.

Our SCOOT system is constantly evolving. We plan to migrate more SCOOT Regions in Gateshead, Newcastle and Sunderland on to this system in due course.

Full information on the content of these feeds can be found in the API document located here.


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