Weather Station

Weather Station

The Weather Station data feed provides details on Weather Stations, such as location, configuration and dynamic updates. The Weather Station data is split across 2 feeds.

Weather Station Static

The static Weather Station data provides information on all station configured on the UTMC system. The data for static feed includes:

  • The System Code Number or unique ID
  • A Short Description – Short Name
  • A Long Description – Full Name
  • Geo-reference of the Location, in Easting/Northing & Latitude/Longitude
  • Last Updated information of the car park asset on the UTMC system

Example of an asset from Weather Station Static

Weather Station Dynamic

The dynamic Weather Station data provides live information provided by weather stations configured on the UTMC system. The data for dynamic feed includes:

  • The System Code Number or unique ID
  • Air Temperature in °C
  • Dew Point Temperature in °C
  • Liquid Freezing Temperature in °C
  • Max Wind Direction in °
  • Max Wind Speed in m/s
  • Precipitation Total in mm
  • Rain Intensity in mm/h
  • Rain On/Off as on or off
  • Rain State as a text value (see API Appendix I)
  • Relative Humidity as a %
  • Surface State 1 as a text value (see API Appendix I)
  • Surface Temperature 1 in °C
  • Water Layer in mm
  • Water Thickness in mm
  • Wind Direction in °
  • Wind Speed in m/s
  • Last Updated information from the asset on the UTMC system, normally every 10 minutes (assuming that at least one metric has changed in that time).

Example of an asset from Weather Station Dynamic

Further Information

The individual functions of each weather station vary and are shown in the table Weather Station Functionality.  Functions that are not supported on individually stations will return a NULL value, not a default or 0 value, the exception to this is the Raid State Field which may return the value of No precipitation and rain state off in the rain state field.

Precipitation total, is the total amount of precipitation since the last reset, this value is reset every morning at 06:00 GMT.

Full information on the content of these feeds can be found in the API document located here.


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